We know what we are but not what we may be (W.S.)

…To the life you love…

NOW is always the right time to make changes and improvements to start creating the life you love, to feel fulfilled. So let’s take back the control of your rudder with the help of a professional coach. The change will start with one click. Let’s dare together to uncover your potential!

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It’s all about YOU!

And your dreams…

Reality leaves a lot of options to make our dreams come true, but we easily get lost in the busyness of the moment while life happens.

Your DREAMS are who you are. Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

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And all about your NEEDS…

Tell me more…

Are you going through a major life transition? Do you need a clearer picture of what is waiting for you? Do you want to many things but believe you don’t have enough time to realize them? Do you need motivation?

Tell me more about anything and everything to reveal your best solutions.

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Certified Life Coach
A Certified Life Coach is a professional who has the necessary training to help the coachees to achieve their dreams, goals and desires with proper tools and proven methods.
It's all about You and your DREAMS...
I am here for you, to help you achieve your goals and desires. Let's have a chat and tell me about your Dreams.
Let's talk about YOU and only YOU...
When is the last time you felt that you were talking about you? When is the last time you took care of yourself? Here, everything is and will be always about YOU and I'll be ready to listen to you.

What is Coaching?

Not Counselling, Not Mentoring…

The word “Coach” means instructor or trainer in sports.

“Coaching” instead is, as per ICF’s (International Coaching Federation) definition, a professional who supports, empowers and challenges individuals to help them realize their personal and professional goals. The coaching relationship is a partnership relying on a high level of trust and connection between the coach and the coachee.

Coaching is not counselling or mentoring; but it’s the way to help people to find their own answers and possibilities by asking them the correct questions and help them to create a life they love.

” Is also important to know serious change doesn’t happen overnight. The results of your sessions depend on the commitment and effort the coachee devotes to the process.”

What I do?

Is to help you to reach the life you love.

My life purpose is to help people to find their life purposes and help them to create a life they love.

I help my coachees to easily adapt to the transformations they going through, to find the strength in themselves, to deal with their emotions, to get over with their obstacles, limiting believes and fears, to accompany them among the road toward their best version of the life.

“Viking navigators learnt to read the motion of the water; every ripple, wave and swell and they’ve used all to led the sailors to the lands they wanted to go. Let’s read your ripples, waves and swells together, combine them with your circumstances as the strength of your ship, the wind, clouds, sun, and rain around you and take you to the life you love.”

I’m just one of you so let’s dare together to achieve the best version of your life!


It’s all about You!

I will help you to chase your dreams because they define you.

  • Bilingual Coaching in English & Turkish
  • One on one sessions
  • Online sessions via Skype, Zoom or Messenger
  • Suitable schedules according to your time zone and daily tasks.
  • Public speaking supports
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Transition Coaching

Are you going through a major life change as moving to another country, relationship status, choosing a course or university or to start your life all over again?

Well-being Coaching

Do you want a healthier body, losing weight, going back to your training but you keep procrastinating or need motivation?

Youth Coaching

Do you want to set meaningful goals for your brightest future but feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the decisions?

Career Coaching

Are you about to make a major career change or ready to take the net step for the job you love and need motivation? 

Simple Process

About the process

The whole process will start with a click.

Step 1:

Schedule your Free Consultation

You can click on the “Free Consultation” button to schedule it. We will have a 30 minute chat to know each other. I will be answering all your questions and explaining you the process.

Step 2:

We will create the perfect plan for you

According to our Consultation, I will be sending you all the necessary documentation and we will continue by planning your sessions as your needs require.

Questions from coachees

Frequent Questions

Here below the most frequent questions coachees ask…

What is the difference between consulting and coaching?

Consulting is advising, giving suggestions instead coaching is helping the coachees to find their goals, desires, life purposes and achieve their dreams by asking them the correct questions and having them coming out with their own answers.

What is the difference between counselling and coaching?

Counselling is therapy, is about healing deep emotional issues mostly arising from the past. Coaching is a partnership relying on a high level of trust and connection between the coach and the coachee where the coach helps the coachee clarify his/her agenda and supports him/her in creating and following through on a strategy to achieve the final goal.

How long do sessions last?

It depends on coachee and with the topics we discover. It’s decided after the discovery session which is the first session. They usually are 45 to 60 minutes.

What types of coaching are offered?

Transition Coaching

Youth Coaching

Well-being Coaching

Life Coaching

Career Coaching

Public Speaking Support

What is Discovery Session?

Discovery session is the first session which helps me to know you better, to understand your desired outcomes and your time frames , to lead us to make the perfect plan to have your goals come true.

What is the Transition Coaching?

It is mostly to help people those are going through a major transition in their lives. Could be a teenager who wants to continue his/her studies in another country, could be someone changing places as changing houses, cities countries, could be an immigrant who will continue to his/her life in another country, could be someone who goes through a divorce and needs to start all over again, could be someone who’s getting married or moving in so starting a new life, could be someone who wants or has to change career. It could be about everything and everyone going through a change in his/her life.

What type of online sessions are offered?

I am located in Brisbane, so most of my sessions are online. We can set up our calls via Skype, messenger or zoom. If you like we can set up phone calls as well but personally, I would like to have face to face sessions to build a stronger relationship with my coachees.

How do I know when it is time to get support?

You get can support anytime. When you feel confused, when you need to boost your confidence up, when you know you need to start to a new chapter in your life, end up a relationship, lose weight, start to some physical activity, go through a divorce, strengthen a relationship, moving to another place, change careers, starting up your own business but you don’t know how  it’s time to give us a call.

My Biography

About Me

My name is Ozzie (Ozlem) Tatonyan, I am a Certified Life Coach.

During my life journey, I had to deal with different kind of transitions and had to face huge changes. I moved to another country for my education in my early 20s, I’ve worked as a textile professional for more than 16 years, I’ve gone through major surgeries, I’ve been a divorcee, a single mum, a stranger in a small community, moved to another country, changed professions, become a teenagers mum. All was to find my best version of life by reading my ripples, waves and swells together my surrounding circumstances.

Finally, here I am to help you to read your ripples, waves and swells, combine them with your circumstances as the strength of your ship and the wind, clouds, sun, and rain around you and find the way to reach the life you love.

Well, the simplest answer of the question “Who am I?” is “I am just one of you.” And I am just an email away from you to help you reach your best version of life.

What our customers say

Client Testimonials

Ozzie was born to be a Life Coach. She has the right combination of understanding, compassion, and professionalism. Her serene smile always brings a sense of calmness. Every session I had with her I felt heard, understood, and appreciated. She is so clever! When you least expect it, she asks a question that propitiates a useful insight. I highly recommend her services!

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She has the right combination of understanding, compassion, and professionalism.
Sandra Guassi