Being a Woman

Being a Woman

Let’s talk about being a woman in today’s world or better about the difficulties of being a woman. Yeaahhh.. yeahhh.. We all complain about it every single day and drive our partners crazy. Even though we deserve a little bit of consideration, don’t we? Most of us are growing up in patriarchal societies. There is a say in Turkish “Female bird makes the nest”; with the burden of this sentence on our shoulders, we like it or not, we are responsible of most of house duties even if we are women in career. If we are lucky enough our partners, willingly or unwillingly, are helping with these house duties or somehow we make them help us. We are the ones who takes care of the children for sure, but I believe this is something natural, therefore I won’t be talking about children also because in my opinion if a woman decides to have a baby she should accept to take care of the baby unconditionally and she shouldn’t do it by counting on her partner or others, she must count only on herself. Whatever…

If we go back to our topic, our house duties can be listed as cooking, feeding the family members for breakfast, lunch time and dinner, preparing the table, putting the dishes in the dishwasher if there is one, or hand washing them, tidying up the house, washing the dirty clothes and separating the ones to go in the dryer, or line hanging the others, gathering them, ironing them, cleaning the house and I am sure a good housewife can add many more duties, but since I am not one of them my list ends here. Oh.. for example tidying up the bed every morning is one of them, but I proudly say that I never did it and will never do it J Anyways, all these little things are may be little things to do and they sound as a short list but they always being done by women, aren’t they?

We are also the ones who support every single family member including ourselves, we check who forget what before leaving the house, we hear who is coughing, who sneezed, or we watch out who is getting late. We, again as women, are running around the house to give a Panadol or yell out that the wallet or the cellphone is left behind and take care of all the members with love and patience. And we are doing all these things because we want to. My question here is how many of us being taken care of by our partners? I am not talking about to get flowers or being spoiled every day, instead I am talking about two nice words to hear or a small kiss on the chick as a thank you.

If we are considered and taken care of by our partners, lucky us… However there are many of us out there, everywhere who are psychologically or physically abused all the time. The woman who is being yelled at because the meal is not salted enough, the woman who comes home after a very tiring day but still being asked to serve to her partner just because he doesn’t bother even to get his glass of water, the one being scolded for a poorly ironed shirt, the woman who never can watch her favorite tv show, the one who is not allowed to enjoy anything, who is insulted all the time because of the narcissistic personality of her partner, who is forced to live with restrictions, with insults or worse with physical violence.

What I am saying is simple; it’s not about ironing or tidying up the house or cooking… What I am saying is we are here in this world thanks to some woman. The women give birth, nurture, foster, educate, teach, turn us into grown up persons. They are the mothers even they don’t give birth. They are strong, maybe not physically but there is nothing stronger than a mother. Domestic violence is the bleeding wound of today’s world. But let’s just remember that no violence can underestimate the power of women because if we don’t exist there won’t be humanity.

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