Green, Blue and the Books

Green, Blue and the Books

Thanks to a very dear friend’s post, today I want to highlight the importance of reading which is also related to spending sometimes with ourselves every day and making both a daily routine.

I often try to point out the importance of spending time with ourselves because most of the time we get lost in the business of our daily lives. Especially us, women do this easily. Most men on the other hand, somehow are able to create time for their hobbies and their personal pleasures at least for a couple of days a week.

Anyway, I would like to point out again the necessity of spending at least ten minutes with ourselves every day. These ten minutes must be spent with no thinking and by doing absolutely nothing. Yet this time will be more useful if it’s spent by gazing at the blue or at the green of nature. For me the blue is the best, it’s my favourite. If the sea or the ocean is out of my reach I just gaze in the sky and clean my head from all kind of thoughts to let my mind, my body and my soul breathe.

I decide to not stop with these ten minutes and add another ten, which most likely to get longer, thus every night I go to bed ten minutes earlier than usual and read at least couple of pages. Reading a book helps to expand my imagination, to open my mind, to move away from my tiredness for a while, to lower my stress level, to enlarge my vocabulary, teaches me to look from a different point of view and keeps my brain exercised.

I cannot imagine a better medicine than reading a book to get a satisfying sleep. Also considering all the above side effects reading is the best way to get a proper night rest.

Both these ten minutes become my daily routine because both help my self-development. The difficulty here lays into turning these two to a daily routine; the ten minutes spent with ourselves by gazing at the green or the blue with an empty mind, plus ten minutes of reading before going to sleep. Looking forward to hearing your daily routines of self-development.

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