I am a Collector

I am a Collector

I’ve decided not to age, but to collect years. I reject to feel blue over a new wrinkle or a grey hair. Every new age is always worth welcoming, because it will bring new people to meet, new experiences to live, new flavors to taste, new places to visit, new melodies to listen, new paths to walk through…

I never walk away from new people, instead, I choose to collect people because I know each person passing through my path brings me something new; some brings joy, some brings lessons, some other new experiences… some become unforgettable, and some become indispensable so that I keep walking on my path with different colours all around me, always accessible whenever needed.

I collect experiences, try to live each of them thoroughly, to learn whatever lesson they want to teach me. I try to walk every new path that I find on my way, I’m sure that there will always be new trees to see, new flowers to smell, new voices to hear.

I always listen to the new sounds, and I collect the good ones to be able to listen to them whenever I want, because music is my favorite charger.

However, I reject to be defined with one word. I collect identities as well… I’m a mum, I’m a partner, a daughter, a friend, a best friend, an auntie, a buyer, a consumer, a category manager, a life coach, a swimmer, a voyager, a reader, a scuba diver, an insatiable learner…. I am also lots of new things to be so yes, I can also say I am a real collector.

So tell me what do you like to collect?

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