In sickness as well…Are you sure?

In sickness as well…Are you sure?

Here is me again with some thoughts that I would like to share about marriage. Or let’s not call it marriage but partnership as nowadays people don’t care about being bounded with a signature and also I honour my friends who’re living their togetherness beautifully without needing that signature. The aim is simple either way, sharing everything with the significant other while we march on along the path of our lives. This togetherness is a silent agreement where two people shake hands, so who cares if the governments give the permission or bless this or not. If we mutually choose to be together, nothing else matters…

It is not my intention to share some kind of “don’t get married” message of course, because I think everyone should do whatever he or she likes. It’s up to people to decide how to live their togetherness. On the other hand who am I to give any kind of advice or messages? I just try to ask the right questions and try to find my own answers and in the meantime I try to help you to find your own answers. So here is the question of the day; of what we should consider when we choose our significant other?

Let’s start with – when is the very first moment of a relationship? Could be the first look or the mutual attractiveness. If you take the first few steps then it can bring you to discover more, like your common pleasures, your similar point of views about life, your personalities so that the relationship grows mature. But when can we decide if he/she is the significant other, the right person to spend the rest of our lives together? In my opinion if this partnership grows in to a concurrent close friendship then it is the right time and right person to take another step with and decide to move in together or to get married depending on the couples choices.

With whom you would like to spend the rest of your life? Who can be the perfect choice other than your BFF that you can’t get enough laughing or sleeping together, or can’t stop being jealous of, can’t get tired of listening or telling the same stories over and over again and keep laughing as though it was the first time you’re sharing it, the person who you can’t stop supporting or being supported by, or whom you can’t give up on or being given up by?

Oh… there sure will be unpleasant times waiting for you, you will need to take care of each other in sickness, you’ll need to keep loving even during the most miserable times, who knows maybe you will be changing adult diapers of or mouth feeding each other. What’s gonna happen when you will need to survive the bad times after all the good times you’ve had? If you are in a friendship over and above the partnership then I’m sure you wouldn’t be thinking of any of these questions and you will just welcome the bad times as you did with the good times and you’ll survive together as you were doing before. What could be more beautiful, meaningful than being in a friendly, passionate, full of love, respectful and compassionate partnership? You just need to take good care of it and be thankful for it every single day. Easy peasy…

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