Learning to Walk

Learning to Walk

Thanks to another sleepless night, here I am with another enlightenment. Till this very day I had to learn to walk for at least 10 times that I remember. If I look at the bigger picture though, I realize that each one of us learns to walk again time after time in our own paths, sometimes physically some other times metaphorically; some of us only for few times, some others more than a few.

We are born and we learn walking, this is our common ground as human beings. We take our very first steps with the loud cheering of our parents. Here we go, we know how to walk for the first time in our lives.

After these first steps, our paths grow apart as we do. We start taking steps in our own ways of our own lives. We fall in love, we break up, and we experience our first heartbreaks. No matter how long it takes, we stand up again and take another first step (probably to find a new love or the one…)

We graduate and start taking steps in the real world, we bump into new, unknown obstacles. And then we take another new step and we learn how to walk in these new roads.

We lose, as we grow up we face our parent getting old and grey, and finally, we take another new step without them holding our hands. So we learn how to walk again.

We grow apart with our partners or somehow we find our hands left alone in an unexpected time and in an unexpected way; the way that we were living our lives is not the same anymore and the significant other is not that significant anymore, so we take another step and learn to walk alone or maybe with some babies to take care of.

Yes, we reproduce and we take another first step in the parenthood land. So we learn how to walk again in this new world and this time we also teach how to walk to our juniors.

We can even have some physical issues, accidents, surgeries, treatments and we literally need to take the first step again and learn how to walk.

Year after year we learn to walk over and over again every time we find a new path to walk, we face new obstacles to jump over, a new feeling to deal with.


Life is a journey that we need to walk on our own. If we are breathing then there is still always another step to take on or even a new one.

I am not done with learning how to walk over and over again. There are still targets to achieve, goals to accomplish and thankfully new first steps to take.

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