Marriage or Lottery

Marriage or Lottery

Once, I heard a lady saying that marriage is like a lottery. I didn’t care that much then, but a few days ago an acquaintance asked me if being single is better than being married, so then I remembered the marriage and lottery comparison and kept thinking a bit more. Finally, I decided that it’s not a good comparison, because in the lottery even if you win the big prize it cannot be compared to a happily ever after relationship. And if there is no win out of a lottery ticket the only loss of the player is the money paid for the ticket, nothing more. Is it possible to say there is no loss in a bad marriage though? It’s not convincing, isn’t it?

First of all, I believe a happy relationship is way more precious than the biggest lottery prize ever. There shouldn’t be a price for “happily ever after”. On the other hand, a bad marriage hurts more than a non-winning lottery ticket. A bad marriage can make people lose years, can ruin lives, could this be compared to a few pennies paid for a lottery ticket? Therefore it’s not possible to say marriage is like a lottery, because if you lose in marriage your lost is way bigger. May be is better to say marriage is a gamble instead of a lottery because a gambler wins big or loses big like a marriage can make people lose big or win big.

I don’t want to defend gambling or anything like that for sure, my point is in both situations the loss or the win is too big. If this is the case, should we not take the risk to win big because we are scared to lose big? Well, if we are talking about the gambling, oohh yes, we have to be afraid, but if we talk about a possible “happily ever after”, to be able to spend the rest of our lives together with the ONE, of course we should risk everything. But on that road we start walking together, hand in hand with the possible ONE, the only thing we must always remember that if the roads are splitting and it’s not possible to walk together on the same road any further or if the partnership turns in to an obligatory togetherness we have to get up and don’t be afraid of starting over. What I mean is our main duty is to make sure that we are happy and we keep being happy.

We shouldn’t neglect questioning ourselves every once in a while and ask ourselves “Am I happy?” or when we feel that there is something wrong ask ourselves again “What is making me unhappy, making me feel upset?” and then to answer all these questions honestly without hesitation. After that, we need to take precautions accordingly.

We have to be courageous enough to risk everything for a happily ever after relationship but we also have to keep our shields close enough, just in case.

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