PHYSICAL DISTANCE MATTERS, luckily we can still get social online…

PHYSICAL DISTANCE MATTERS, luckily we can still get social online…

The people often tell me that my face is like an open book, you can read everything through it. Initially, I was not sure if it was a handicap or an advantage, but today I’m totally convinced that it is a powerful tool that can be used especially during these unprecedented times we’re going through as humanity. I also believe this is a gift that all we have as human beings because we are able to explain everything with our eyes or with any kind of gesture or facial expression.

Isn’t it true that the eyes can tell much more than words? It is also true that we can give a huge hug just with a big broad smile on our faces without using our arms, we can totally give a kiss without touching but just filling it with love by sending it from our hearts from thousands of miles away, we can support/comfort each other with nice, smooth words, we can love each other no matter the distances between us and we totally can socialize without getting physical.

So let’s not get physical but social more than we ever were, because we need each other, we need to love and be loved, we need to listen and be listened, and most importantly we need to share.

We can survive anything as long as we have each other and take care of each other.

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