Relationship status: Me, myself & I

Relationship status: Me, myself & I

My last blog was about happy loneliness, lucky me, my beloved readers came back to me with another question. Is it possible to be alone and happy? Well, here I am willing to highlight some details about these two concepts.

First of all, I totally understand that “loneliness” sounds sad and mostly refers to a feeling which doesn’t make us happy, it includes isolation. I start to think of someone isolated him or herself from everything and everyone around and spends her/his life only with small talks, standing aside from all kind of social connection. Instead, if we replace this word with “solitude” it does sound better, isn’t it? It does sound like a choice instead of an involuntary feeling. It reminds me, someone, who enjoys all the social connections of life but who also feels content and fulfilled when he/she is alone at home and enjoys spending time with him/herself.

I mentioned in my first blog that my best friend is myself, if so why we are afraid to spend some time with ourselves?

Don’t we have our beloved ones around us? Our friends those we call each time we have some good news or spend some time to forget about our sadness? Our family who is and will always be there for us to support us unconditionally? And if we have all these people around us, isn’t it unfair to say that we are alone just because we haven’t met yet the significant other? Or let’s say we spent some time with the persons who we thought they were the correct ones but came out that they were not. Is it really under our control to have someone with us or to meet with the right one when we want? Instead of beating ourselves up because we don’t have the significant other yet, can’t we be wiser and spend our precious time in better, joyful ways? It’s just enough to know and accept not everything is under our control.

The only thing under our control is how to spend our now. Only we can choose how to spend our present. So let’s make it worth. I’m sure every one of us has desires or dreams to realize, I mean also the simplest ones as to read these ten books or to watch that movie or go to an isolated island, stand on the beach, swim, eat and drink or just want to bungee jump. Yes, I refer to all those things we procrastinate because of the busyness of our day to day life. I’m talking about living our lives as we like. As Andrei Tarkovsky said – I am talking about raising ourselves to not think spending time with ourselves is loneliness. So let’s start today by doing something for and with ourselves.

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