Beyza Ozkartal / Turkey

What was I expecting in my first coaching, pschological evaluation… whatever you call it? Nothing much actually. I knew there were bits and pieces in my life, I thought I was able put together and handle. And I thought I was doing quite ok with everything I was dealing with. But something never felt right overall. I was feeling that I needed help to believe that my life was pleasant enough. Was it??

Just at the beginning, even during the discovery session, I figured out that there was no effective outcome of the efforts I spend for my goals. Simply put, it turned out that I actually needed a hand to help me put things in order and finally take action step by step to finally achieve the goal.

Ozi has been my “guiding” star, helping me out to find the courage incidentally hidden and see the power to take action for many things I have been ignoring due to various reasons. Thanks to Ozi, those that seemed like high mountains to climb up were actually little bumps on the way to target.

She’s more than a coach, is like a friend you have known for decades which makes one easy to talk openly about anything. The greatest thing I liked about her coaching is her to-the-point observations and the things she identifies about you along the way. Her excellent follow up assured me that she’s a good listener and a perfect coach that never misses what is important to you.

What you are struggling with may look like a simple issue and you may feel like you can easily handle indeed – just like I did. Apparently, it wasn’t so. I have to admit that Ozi is so good at mirroring yourself to you before you know it. This may not always be pleasant but she expresses it in such a nice way that, the long-forgotten self confidence boosts.

Thank you Ozi for helping me re-discover my potential and feel confident back again. After our sessions with you, although things seem easier to put up with now, it’s great to know that you are there whenever I need to reach out, no matter what the matter is 🙂

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