Pelin Akin / Turkey

I am a 43 year-old single mother who had had no jobs and no child support for the past 2 years. I was applying for jobs, but had no luck finding something that suited me. My private life was a wreck after ending an 8 years old relationship. My finances had plummeted after leaving my last job. I was confused, exhausted, demotivated, frustrated and had no hope to put things back on track what-so-ever.

Ozlem has agreed to coach me in the past 8 weeks and have helped me identify my core life and career values. This was a great support for me which urged me to sort out my priorities in life and in a work environment. Ozlem’s coaching has been an eye-opener for me and I was able to identify what was trivial and what was essential for me.

I always thought an outside eye could help to get organized, but I had not expected this to happen in such a short time. I am now employed full-time and I have a new relationship going well. Ozlem is reliable, friendly, understanding and most importantly patient with the improvement process. She was well-organized, on-time and was a professionnal who studied my issues objectively. She was careful not to pass on any judgement and helped me realize my draw backs myself.

Thank you Ozlem for the all the effort and time.

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