The Table

The Table

The Table

How is it possible for an object, as simple as a table to get a person so emotional?

I’ve suddenly realized… It is easy for the table to make people remember because it has all the history scratched around it, every single one of them tells a different story…

All those memories of the past 40 years, who knows how many years, flash as if they happened just yesterday.

Couple of days before the day a gorgeous young woman marries this handsome young lad, they decide to buy this big dining table and place it in the cosiest corner of their home. Young boy spends their first wedding night at this table and spends hours and hours to get rid of 5 year old niece of his bride to be able to send their first night together as a couple, tries to convince her that she can come back tomorrow, with the help of a smiling face he drew on a big green pear.

They meet their first daughter, and then the second one after few years, all happening around this table. The 5 year old niece from the next door grows up together with their daughters, her new sisters from another mother, and one day she starts to sit around it every day for every meal with her son in her belly. It is now this new baby boy’s turn to growing up by running around it.

This table helps this young couple to become a family, it witnesses every day, every moment of their life together, accompanies them to grow their family bigger and older. It knows every member of that family, cherishes all gatherings of every occasion, sometimes just to have a laugh together, some others to shed a tear, shares all the joyful moments and the sad ones, listens to the little chats, giggles, eavesdrops to some entertaining gossips, enjoys the laughers, participates the cries, meetings and greetings new friends waiting to be selected to become a part of this family, if they are lucky; welcomes the old ones almost every night; knows that some are just passengers. It thoroughly observes potential boyfriends, sees some becoming husbands. Witness goodbyes as well, some forced by nature accompanied with raised glasses and a broken smile, some others are just happy waves and very few are just for the passengers.

The table is simply a part of this beautiful family and it is a big, spacious part of it. It will stay there as long as it gets but it’ll get hard to picture it with the seat left empty by the half of the couple who started this huge, loving, cosy family. You keep standing still table, your family will keep gathering around you, sharing joys and tears with you as long as you welcome us…

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