To All Choccy Mums

To All Choccy Mums

Continue reminding and remembering; for me “Mums” are like chocolate! Each one of us needs a dose of chocolate once in a while. A warm kiss on the chick helps us feel better, a tight hug with her arms around us washes all the pain away, their shoulders comfort us more than the softest pillow ever, to be able to laugh together with our moms is priceless, just to remember all those times spent together blossoms a sudden smile on our faces…

I’m not saying that every mother is the same or mothers are the most precious things in the world. What I’m saying is if we are lucky enough to have Real Mums, who love / loved us even when we were thoughtless teenagers, who nurtured us without any expectations, who were always there even we were acting out of their understandings or beliefs, who have never stopped caring for us even we were different generations of grown-ups with our personalities, jobs, mentalities, believes, genders, sexual orientations we are not allowed to forget; because they know that they did a good job and we turned out to be the good ones. Therefore we have to keep being the good ones also by remembering and by carrying on the responsibility and trying to raise our kids to be the good ones.

So get your daily dose of chocolate, go on and give a big chunky hug and a smooch to your mum while you can even if they have to be On-line ones!

Happy Mother’s day to all chocolate mums, but especially happy Mother’s day to my Choccy Mums, aunties, moraks, kergins, tantiks, cousins, nieces, sisters and to all my friends who grew out as great choccy mums. We all rock ladies!! Love y’all!!

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