To people who love me and to myself

To people who love me and to myself

I love you so much…

Even though;

I will not accept all your choices, because I will have my own thoughts.

I will not unconditionally agree with you every time, because I will have my own experiences.

I will not internalize your beliefs, because I will have my own world.

I will not walk on your path, because I will have my own dreams to follow.

I will not live my life in the corner of your life where you want me to stay, because this is my life.


I will accept you as you are, I will respect your thoughts, beliefs, choices and love you as you are. I will expect you do same for me, accept me as who I am and respect my thoughts, beliefs, choices. I will ask you to love me without expecting me to be like you as I won’t expect you to be me.

All my life I repeated and keep repeating these words to the people who loves me as well as I try to act as I hear them from my beloved ones. It’s the time for me to start hearing them from my own child. As I refused to chase other’s dreams or denied to live other’s lives, I don’t have the right to wait from him to live my life or to chaise my dreams, isn’t it?

In that case let’s keep this blog as a reminder to myself…

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