Veiled Violence

Veiled Violence

Today I would like to talk about violence because we see violence every day and everywhere; on the streets, on the screens, on social media, in the movies or TV shows. Violence against women, against the powerless, in the houses, in the workplaces, on the streets in it’s psychological or physical way it’s a reality we have to face all the time.

Violence is a primitive behavior involving physical or psychological force intended to hurt or damage someone or something which can’t be accepted from any of us because we are human beings who can control their emotions. But if we stop and think just for a moment and ask ourselves: Are we being violent time to time in our daily lives? Are we reacting in these horrendous ways that we strongly disagree, against our beloved ones or the people around us? Initially, I’m sure we all negate it.

Let’s think about it a bit more. We had a very bad day, had a fight with our partner or a friend, our boss unfairly criticized us, etc. We usually gaze around all day under this umbrella of negativity and we easily react to the people around us in a negative way which can break their hearts instead of responding them in a calm and peaceful way. This is because we’ve got hurt and we are ready to scratch every one else to protect ourselves from being hurt further. Now let’s re-start questioning. If we let our emotions take control over us and make us “react” instead of “respond”, wouldn’t this make us a violent one as well? Or because we are reacting unintentionally, by not being on top of the rudder of our emotions, does it make this reaction acceptable or make it less harmful?

I personally believe breaking hearts is the veiled type of violence and because it’s somehow covered it’s also the most common way of being violent. It shouldn’t be fair or right to make the people around us pay the price of the bad day we’re having, because they are not the reason for it. We have to remember that they are not the ones who hurt us. The right thing to do is to deal with the reason itself so I remind myself: the people around me and my beloved ones are not my sandbags to help me take out my rage, they don’t have to pay for my negative emotional status. Therefore under these negative emotional state, the best thing to do is to take a deep breath before responding to anyone. Is no cost to take a moment before we respond anything, to think before we speak. We are able to control our emotions because they are our own feelings, so from today on I choose to RESPOND instead of REACT. Would you like to give it a shot?

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