Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Sometimes I can see the benefits of the movies and the tv shows I’m watching and I feel happy to see they’re not a total waste of time. On today’s season finale the daughter, who lives and works in another city, comes back to his father’s house, an old, fat, big-mouthed, stubborn, Irish, retired policeman, newly detective, with a big, soft heart. When he comes back from work, he stands at her bedroom door and just says “Welcome home!” Girl answers “It’s just for a week” and the dad replies “Even so”.

At that moment I realized “That’s it”. This is how it should be. The kind of “Welcome” which would make me feel at Home, even after years of being away from my childhood house. What I need is to be understood by giving me the necessary time and space with no questions or judgements, just to hear a very simple but a very warm welcome.

While I’ve realized what kind of welcome I want to hear from my parents, I instantly started thinking if I will ever be able to give that kind of welcome to my child, with no questions or comments, by putting aside all my curiosities and concerns, just to say “Welcome Home” to make him feel at home every time he will be at the door. Even to think about it I already know it is hard.

The only difference now is that I have this insight thanks to that tv show. If I think of myself, I already know that I’m so much loved and I’ll always be welcomed to my parents’ house but I also know that there are and will always be questions, comments, advice, insistences, etc waiting for me together with that warm love and welcome, that’s because it is so hard for me to go back to my childhood house.

For the next generation, now that I had the enlightening moment of the today I know that I will be a better parent than I was yesterday. I know that I will try harder to make my child feel that he will always be welcomed to his home with no questions, concerns or comments about his life, believes or thoughts, whenever he wants. He will know that he can come back anytime because this is and will always be his home. So, watching TV shows is definitely necessary 🙂

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